..who wants to GROW!

..who wants to TRAVEL!

..who loves CHALLENGE!

..who wants OPPORTUNITY!

..who deals with everything with PASSION!

The IC Staff

Every year, the IC Napoli staff is composed of a lot of volunteers, which make us a proper big family ready to share unforgettable experiences.
There isn’t another staff that is more heterogeneous than IC Napoli's Men and women, students and people with jobs, Italians and foreigners, people who have been in ERASMUS and people who haven’t. But it’s not only that, each one of us have different passions, different objectives and different dreams. We are all completely different but we share the same objective and ideal: attempt to get the best out of being
a staff member, support the IC Napoli community and have fun. The Association offers the possibility to participate as a Volunteer Staff Member, becoming part of a group of people who want to (re)live the international environment and practice foreign languages ​​by being in touch with students from all over the world, to share experiences, have fun and grow.
The experience as volunteer Staff in IC Napoli will also be aimed at the acquisition of various skills, from the ability to work in a team till learning the most varied skills and soft skills obtained thanks to the effective organization of all kinds of events.
For these reasons IC Napoli is a gym for the skills development that can be fundamental at a professional level and the period spent as an active Staff member is officially recognized by Italian and European law in order to enrich the curriculum vitae.
The desire to help who comes to the city of Naples means that every volunteer has the opportunity to rediscover and enhance the Italian culture, especially the local area, not only through the organization of cultural events but also through the help that every day is offered for free to international students.


Are you bored of your everyday life? Do you want to meet new people and learn different languages? Are you ready for an amazing experience?
Whether you have been an Erasmus student or not, join our family!
We’re looking for volunteers who want to spend some of their free time promoting our territory, history and helping Erasmus students fit in. It is like being in Erasmus, in your own city!
We organize a lot of activities: linguistic exchanges, trips, parties, sport events, cooking classes, cultural activities; we take Erasmus students to the theatre, the mountains and even skydiving…
Whatever it takes to make it the best year of their life!


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