Discovering Naples one weekend

Naples is the largest city in southern Italy (third Italian city by population) and among the most populous and densely populated metropolitan areas of the European Union.
The city has something for everyone: rich in places of art, beauty, history, narrow streets, wonderful landscapes, attractions and contradictions. From world-class monuments to archaeological treasures, from the best pizza to the amazing street nightlife, Naples will never be boring.
Have you landed in Naples for a trip for only a weekend? International Community IC Napoli recommends in this section an itinerary that will take you to discover what deserves to be visited and admired. One weekend in Naples will not let you explore everything, but it will give you time to fall under its southern charm.
For your first day in Naples we have already structured a complete daily itinerary that will allow you to get to know most of the city.
You can find it below in the section *Discovering Naples… in one day.* (LINK PAGINA ONE DAY)
If you are in Naples for a day your starting point is almost certainly the Napoli Centrale train station in Piazza Garibaldi.
Regarding the itinerary proposed for your second day in the city we have chosen to propose three alternatives: the visit to the ruins of Pompeii, a day in Capri or we suggest you to spend a day in Sorrento on the Amalfi coast.

Discovering the Pompeii ruins


Expenses required:
Tickets for the circumvesuviana: € 6.40 (2 tickets for € 3.20);
Entrance to the site of the Pompeii excavations: € 15 (reduced € 9 – FREE every first Sunday of the month);
Total day: € 22 – € 7

How to reach Pompei: via the Naples – Sorrento circumvesuviana line from P.zza Garibaldi, the stop to get off is the Pompei Villa Misteri (click here here to see the timetable).

Pompeii is the largest archaeological site in the world, you just have to spend a whole day to visit it all and let yourself be enchanted by its magical atmosphere of antiquity that will make you relive the greatness of past eras. In particular, we advise you not to miss some of the stops on the site:
Il Foro e il Tempio di Apollo;
Casa del Fauno;
Teatro Grande;
For more information and reservations, we leave you here the official site of the Pompeii ruins:

The magic Capri island


Expenses required: times and prices change often. We leave you below the references of the major companies that deal with the route: SNAV, CAREMAR, ALILAURO

How to reach Capri: In Naples there are two ports from which ships leave for Capri: the Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. The Molo Beverello is in front of the Maschio Angioino, in Piazza Municipio, while Calata di Massa is more to the east (ie on the left having the sea in front). From the Molo Beverello hydrofoils leave, from Calata di Massa fast ships and ferries. Fast ships and ferries are slower and cheaper than hydrofoils and are the only ones that can embark motor vehicles.
Lush, extraordinary, with a mild climate, Capri is the Mediterranean island that has seen over time intellectuals, artists and writers, all captured by its magical beauty.
A mix of history, nature, worldliness, culture, events, which meet here every day and which gave life to the Myth of Capri, a legend without equal in the world.

Things to see in Capri:
La grotta azzurra – I faraglioni;
La piazzetta di Capri;
Villa jovis;
Monte solaro;
Giardini di augusto e via krupp;
Punta carena e faro;
Arco naturale e pizzolungo;
Marina grande;
La migliera;
Villa san michele;
Centro di Anacapri.

Walking in Sorrento


Expenses required:
Tickets for the circumvesuviana: € 8.20 (2 tickets € 4.10);
Bus tickets to Capo Sorrento: € 2.40 (2 tickets € 1.20);
Total day: € 11

How to reach Sorrento: via the Napoli – Sorrento circumvesuviana line, the stop to get off is the terminus of Sorrento (click here to see timetable).

Set in a picturesque position on a tufaceous terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples, Sorrento is the most famous town on the Sorrento coast. Known resort since ancient times, Sorrento fascinates tourists and visitors with its breathtaking views, the landscape of gardens and citrus groves, the marinas, the charming old town, an interesting historical and religious architecture, the ancient tradition of inlaying and of laces. In particular, we advise you not to miss some of the stops on the itinerary:
Vallone dei Mulini;
Museo Correale;
Chiesa di San Francesco;
Piazza Tasso;
Basilica di Sant’Antonino;
Il Duomo;
Sedile Dominova;
Marina Grande e Marina Piccola;
I Bagni della Regina Giovanna;